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Radiana Bozhikova




Radiana Bozhikova is a Bulgarian journalist with 10 years of experience in the media sector as program coordinator, a reporter, documentary filmmaker and creative producer.

Since 2019 he has authored several series:

(1) "Lost in Time" - Bulgarian villages and the stories of their last inhabitants;

(2) "The Photographers" - a series about Bulgarian photographers;

(3) " The World Around" - stories about places and people in the world that surrounds us.

In 2022 she created the documentary "I am Burrnesha: The Last Sworn Virgins of Albania", which has won 8 international and 2 Bulgarian awards.

In 2023 she launched the original documentary series "bTV tells"/"bTV Documentaries".

In 2023, she received the award "Inspirational Person of the Year". She was unanimously selected by the directors of 6 televisions, in the 6 European countries where CME (Central European Media Enterprises) has its televisions. 

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